The Down and Dirty on Data Recovery

Generally, the need for data recovery arises from one of two things: physical damage to the drive or damage to the drive’s file structure. When a drive fails, it is VERY important to be careful to not damage the drive further or attempt measures that may compromise the data that is in need of recovery (formatting it is just about the worst thing one can do – it’s best to just unplug it and give us a call).

If a damaged file system is the culprit, normal operating systems like Windows or Mac lose the ability to read data off the drive or, sometimes, are not even able to “see” the drive at all. Stapleton Help Desk has had a very high degree of success in recovering data off of drives with damaged, corrupted, or missing file systems.

If the drive has been damaged or has otherwise physically failed, this makes the data recovery a bit more tricky but all hope is not lost! There are still some measures that can be taken to attempt to repair and recover the drive and its contents.

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