Web-based Email Security Tips

I have been seeing quite a few instances recently of clients’ web-based email accounts being hacked so I thought I’d write a quick note about making sure your password is strong and secure. Generally, the hackers intend to use the email accounts to send spam to your contact list and other lists but there is always a chance that their intent can be even more malicious so I recommend that you take a few minutes and make sure you are as protected as you can be. The email services that are being the most heavily targeted right now are the Microsoft products (Hotmail, MSN, Live, etc.) and Yahoo but I have also seen a few attacks on Gmail and other providers.
Below, please find some tips for a more secure password.
  • Never use your name or email ”handle”
  • Never use your birthday, phone number, or current address
  • It is best to not exclusively use a series of numbers or a word/random series of letters
  • Use a combination of letters and numbers
  • Capitalize at least one of the letters
  • Mix in a special character ($ instead of S or ! instead of l, or just a #, @, *, etc. at the beginning or end)